What Is The Best Fenix Tactical Flashlight?

Fenix tactical flashlights are built with extreme power, utility, and durability. Packed with great features to make your job easier in high tense situations, our tactical flashlights are perfect for law enforcement, members of the military, first responders, security guards, and more. Fenix offers a wide range of high-functioning, extremely bright, and durable tactical flashlights, including the TK30, the TK22 UE, and the PD36R. While all of our tactical flashlights are equipped with great features, there is one tactical flashlight that stands a step above the rest.

What Is The Best Fenix Tactical Flashlight?

The TK26R is the best Fenix tactical flashlight. This high-performing flashlight throws 1500 lumens an astounding distance of 1148ft (350m). Perfect for law enforcement, security personnel, and even search and rescue, count on the TK26R to provide you with the best light source for extreme situations.

Fenix TK26R Tactical Flashlight


See for yourself the outstanding features of the TK26R. This LED flashlight offers a number of different lighting modes, each with far-reaching beam distances and high lumen outputs. With extreme durability and impact resistance, handle the TK26R at work with ease knowing you can count on this flashlight no matter what task you throw at it.

  Low Med High Turbo Strobe Red Green
Output Lumens 10 150 350 1500 1500 150 200
Runtime 100h 10h 50min 4h 40min 1h 25min* - 4h 20min 5h 10min
Distance 98ft (30m) 361ft (110m) 558ft (170m) 1148ft (350m) - 98ft (30m) 131ft (40m)
Intensity 213cd 3102cd 7112cd 30150cd - 218cd 452cd
*Cree XP_E2(red and green lights) and LUMINUS SST40LEDs (cool white) with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.


Packed full of highly useful features, the TK26R is equipped with a high lumen output, easy tactical handling features, a wide range of lighting modes, and more. Measuring at only 5.9”, the TK26R can throw a high-lumen output of 1500 lumens an incredibly far beam distance of 1148ft (350m) so you can light up everything near or far. 

The TK26R cycles through 7 different lighting modes including 4 white light modes, a strobe mode, and a red and green light mode. Conveniently access and adjust the different lighting modes by three independent switches that control the different light functions. To turn your light on and off, simply press the tactical tail switch. Cycle through the 5 different white light modes (This includes a low, medium, high, turbo, and strobe mode) via the smaller functional tail switch. To access the red and green light mode, click the switch located on the side of the flashlight when the TK26R is on. With simple operating features that provide ultra-bright light, the TK26R is designed for quick on and off features even when your hands are gloved.

Additional Features

Among its other features, the TK26R has in-light charging for your convenience. Simply plug the cable into the USB Type-C charging port on the side of the flashlight to charge anywhere you have USB power – either at home, in the car, or on the job. Forget the hassle of getting batteries last minute, if you work the next day or need a quick charge, the TK26R’s rechargeability allows you to do so with ease. Additionally, the TK26R has a built-in accurate battery level indicator. Always know the status of your light so you’ll never be without light unexpectedly again.

This robust light is also extremely durable. Built with tough premium aluminum, the TK26R is IP68 rated so it can withstand the most extreme weather and impacts. Keep the TK26R on hand and know you can rely on it even in the most intense situations due to its high-performing features and resilient and durable build.

TK26R Tactical Flashlight
TK26R Beam


Built with such easy-handling and high-performance features, the TK26R is the best light to have in a tactical situation. Built to last long periods of time for safety reasons, the TK26R has an incredibly long run time of 100 hours on low mode. With a total battery lifespan of 500 cycles, this durable light can withstand just about anything. It’s ultra-bright light, quick reaction time, and resilient body makes it the ideal tactical flashlight to have on hand if you are in any sort of security or law enforcement position. The TK26R’s easily accessible powerful variable frequency strobe is perfect for distracting or defending yourself from others. In addition, use the TK26R’s eye-catching red or green light as a distress signal to catch other people’s attention or use it with the AOT-02 traffic wand

In addition to the many tactical uses of the TK26R, this all-purpose flashlight can also be used with a number of Fenix accessories. Perfectly compatible with the flashlight rail mount (ALG-01), the TK26R can strap in and be used for hands-free lighting. Another accessory compatible with the TK26R is the AER-03 V2.0 remote switch. This accessory goes hand in hand with the rail mount as you have the ability to turn your flashlight on/off with a noiseless switch when mounted.


“Just got the TK26R and I love it, I have a lot of different flashlights and this one takes first place.”

  • Tim S.

“This was purchased as a gift for my father who was absolutely ecstatic to receive it. He runs the security team for some community events and describes this as the perfect size and weight for his perimeter security needs. The red & green options also dually benefit for directing drivers in/out of the parking lot.”

  • Sheridan M.

“Great tactical light! The independent switch for the strobe is a home run! Great idea! I am a huge fan of Fenix lights and have depended on them for years! Thanks for another great light!”

  • Todd G.


This incredibly practical, versatile, and durable light is loved not only for its high-lumen output or its far-reaching beam but also it’s many tactical uses. Offering extremely convenient features like rechargeability and easily accessible light switches, you’ll make sure to keep the TK26R with you and ready at all times. The TK26R provides users with 7 different versatile lighting modes, a battery level indicator, a long-lasting lifespan, and more. The TK26R is Fenix’s best tactical flashlight and was designed especially for police officers, security guards, members of the military, and any other tactical need.

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