The Best Police Flashlight From Fenix

Fenix Lighting offers some of the brightest, most high-performing flashlights on the market. From EDC flashlights to camping lights, we have a flashlight for just about anything. While we offer a wide range of recreational flashlights for everyday activities, we also offer some of the best tactical flashlights for use by law enforcement and those in security occupations.

Our tactical flashlights are designed to be more powerful, durable, and reliable than traditional flashlights. With higher lumens, farther-reaching beams, and more features that are geared towards ease of use for police officers, one of our tactical flashlights is sure to become your favorite tool in your arsenal. But with our wide range of tactical lights, it can become difficult to choose which tactical flashlight is the best. After looking at the different tactical flashlights Fenix offers, there is undoubtedly one that proves to be the best police duty flashlight.


The TK16 V2.0 flashlight is the best police flashlight. With high-performing tactical features, the TK16 V2.0 is equipped to handle even the most intense situations. Built with ultra-bright lighting, incredibly far-reaching beam distance, and specifically designed ease-of-use features, police officers and security personnel will love this law enforcement flashlight.

fenix tk16 tactical flashlight


The TK16 V2.0 is loved by many flashlight enthusiasts because of its incredible brightness and durable design. However, the TK16 V2.0 is really best suited as a tactical flashlight. This flashlight is the best police flashlight specifically because of its incredibly high lumen output, far-reaching beam range and easy-to-operate tactical features. The TK16 V2.0 not only meets the essential criteria of a law enforcement flashlight, it exceeds them with a combination of thoughtful design, useful accessories, and tactical features.

TK16 V2.0’s High Lumen Output and Far-Reaching Beam

Having a bright light source that can reach far distances is an essential feature for police work. The TK16 V2.0 can easily be operated with one hand and throws an astounding 3100 lumens that reach an impressive distance of 1247ft (380m). With the TK16 V2.0, not only will police officers have an incredibly bright light, it will also provide them with an ample beam range to see everything near and far.

Built with 6 different lighting modes using dual tail switches, you can blast the TK16 V2.0 on turbo mode with 3100 lumens or cycle down to eco mode and only use 30 lumens. The TK16 V2.0 even has a 3100 lumen strobe mode if necessary.

fenix tk16 tactical flashlight one handed operation


The TK16 V2.0 is one of the most durable lights on the market. The TK16 V2.0 is IP68 dustproof and waterproof up to 2m, so you can count on it in any weather condition. Not only that, it’s impact resistant for up to 1m. All in all, this light is built uncompromisingly tough. It comes equipped with a stainless steel strike bezel that includes tungsten steel breaking tips. This feature can be extremely useful for breaking glass windows and self-defense.

Made to perform in high intensity, tactical situations, the light has built-in dual spring battery suspension. When mounted to a weapon, this feature allows the flashlight to absorb the shock from the recoil without causing any failure in the light. Plus, the light is made with an Advanced Pulse-Frequency Transmission System. Compared to mechanical structures, this new technology from Fenix protects the light from outside interference so you’ll always be able to rely on your TK16 V2.0 when you need it most.

Finally, the light is made with industrial-grade A6061-T6 aluminum. This aluminum goes through a rigorous heat treatment and stretching process to produce a high-strength metal that’s durable enough to withstand years of heavy use.

Tactical Operation

The TK16 V2.0 has dual tactical tail switches. The tactical tail switch operates on, off, and momentarily on while the smaller function switch allows you to cycle through five brightness levels. Hold down the function switch for instant strobe.

Additionally, the light comes with a 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery. This battery is rated for up to 500 charge cycles, offering a time and cost effective alternative to single use batteries. To charge, simply plug the included USB Type-C charging cable into the battery directly.

Tactical Accessories

The TK16 V2.0 is equipped with essential lighting features to be the best police duty flashlight. It has a body clip so you can carry it how you prefer. It’s portable size already makes a convenient traveling companion, but you can also easily clip it in a pocket or put in a tactical holster. To help you get even more out of your TK16 V2.0, this light is compatible with a wide range of tactical accessories including the Aer-05 Tactical Remote Switch, which allows users to operate their flashlight remotely while mounted to a weapon. Attach the compatible Traffic Wand to easily repurpose the light into a traffic management tool, or use the Red Filter Adapter to keep your night vision intact while out after dark.

fenix tk16 tactical flashlight accessories


“Excellent light, love the tail switches. Very bright with good color, throw, and flood. Doesn’t get too hot when in turbo. Titanium points around the top bezel are a solid self-defense weapon and good for breaking glass. Not too heavy, feels good in the hand.”

  • Matthew (VERIFIED OWNER) – February 2, 2021

“The TK16 V2.0 is a solidly built flashlight. The brightness is intense and I highly recommend it. I’m a police officer who works night shift and use it frequently. I’ve already used the tungsten tipped bezel to smash out a window and it performed well, a little banged up, but that happens. I’m a recent Fenix convert, first using the PD36R, and I highly recommend both lights. I trust Fenix to get me through the shift.”

  • Kyle (VERIFIED OWNER) – February 23, 2021

“Performs great, exactly as advertised! Perfect for First Responders.”

  • Robert B. (VERIFIED OWNER) – March 3, 2021


Built with intense, heavy-duty use in mind, the TK16 V2.0 is the best police flashlight. This tactical light not only throws extremely bright light but it has additional necessary flashlight features that make it the best law enforcement flashlight. It’s, far-reaching beam can light up even the darkest areas and its tactical dual switches make it extremely easy to operate. Let the flashlight speak for itself, and order a TK16 V2.0 today.

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