Introducing the New Fenix E20 V2.0 AA Flashlight

Fenix Lighting offers some of the most durable, versatile, and user-friendly flashlights on the market. We provide customers with a wide range of high-performing flashlights for any situation. Our extremely powerful flashlights range from tactical, to hunting flashlights, to everyday carry.

fenix e20 v2 aa flashlight

Fenix is continually looking to expand and improve our lights with new technology. By adding more high functioning, user-friendly features, you’ll never be worried about your flashlight being second best again. Our upgraded lights are brighter, more durable, and altogether better than their original models and Fenix’s newly released E20 V2.0 flashlight is a perfect example of that. With a higher lumen output, longer reaching beam, more durable build, and even more upgraded features, the new Fenix E20 V2.0 flashlight will soon become your favorite AA flashlight.


  Turbo High Med Low
Output Lumens 350 150 30 5
Runtime with Alkaline Batteries 3h 45min 11hr 15min 93h 35min 200h
Runtime with Ni-Mh Batteries 1h 30min 5h 30min 34h 30min 140h
Distance 413ft (126m) 249ft (76m) 115ft (35m) 49ft (15m)
Intensity 3950cd 1448cd 288cd 44cd
*A Luminus SST20 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours


The E20 V2.0 flashlight has a portable build and convenient battery operation. Built brighter and better than its original model, this high-performing upgraded flashlight uses only two AA batteries yet can throw 350 lumens. Incredibly bright for using AA batteries, this easy to use and easily powered light is perfect to use for day to day activities. The E20 V2.0 is a perfect EDC flashlight to stache in an emergency kit along with extra AA batteries. Keep it on hand and use it in case of a power outage or use it as your new everyday flashlight if you prefer the simplicity of AA batteries.


Measuring at only 5.0” in length, the E20 V2.0 also has an incredibly small width of only 0.7”. With its small build and portable size, the E20 V2.0 flashlight’s hand operation is extremely simple and to the point. With an easily accessible tail switch, turn this compact flashlight on and off by the press of a button, and easily cycle through 4 different lighting modes by lighting pressing the same switch.


Having a reliable light source you can count on is extremely important, especially if you use it every day. Built more reliably than its predecessor, the E20 V2.0 not only has a longer runtime, but it is also extremely durable. While other small flashlights have tendencies to break or chip upon impact, have a peace of mind when carrying around the E20 V2.0 flashlight. This sturdy flashlight was built with a hard-anodized aluminum finish for extreme durability and protection. Count on the E20 V2.0 to work and withstand harsh impacts and drops up to one meter. 

The E20 V2.0 is not only built tough, but it is IP68 rated. Fearless against extreme weather conditions, this flashlight is both dustproof and waterproof underwater up to 2 meters. Rugged, durable, and most importantly reliable, you can always count on the E20 V2.0 to handle your daily activities.


Fenix is continually making changes and improvements to our current lights, and the E20 V2.0 is an example of that. The original model, the E20 Fenix flashlight, is an everyday carry flashlight that is not packed with as many beneficial or high-functioning features. This original model throws only 250 lumens and is only rated IPX – 8, proving it is not as durable or resilient as its upgraded version. The E20 flashlight is still a good light, it just doesn’t have as many user-friendly features as it’s new model does.

E20 V2.0 VS. E20

  E20 V2.0 E20
Output Lumens 350 265
Runtime On Low Mode 200h 75h
Size 5.0" 6.1"
Distance On Turbo 413ft (126m) 689ft (210m)
Intensity 3950cd 11000cd
*Comparison between the E20 V2.0 & the E20


Fenix is always pushing the limits of flashlight design. The high-performing E20 V2.0 is packed with even more useful features than its original model. With its easy AA powering capabilities, high lumen output, and its small yet durable build, you can count on the E20 V2.0 flashlight.

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