High Lumen EDC Flashlights

Fenix’s high lumen EDC flashlights were built with you in mind. With bright LED lights, a small handheld size, and tactical handling features, these rechargeable flashlights are perfect for everyday use. Fenix makes it easy for you to be able to count on your EDC flashlight by including rechargeable batteries in most of our models and dust-proof/waterproof features. Be prepared throughout the day – whether you drop your keys underneath the car seat, experience a power outage, or simply need bright light, our EDC flashlights will be there.

Deciding on the correct everyday carry flashlight can be a difficult decision with Fenix’s wide EDC flashlight selection. That’s why we wanted to break down some of the best EDC flashlights Fenix has to offer in an easily comparable way. Portable and easy to use, these high lumen EDC flashlights don’t compromise power for size.


The highest lumen EDC flashlights include the LD30, the E30R, and the E18R. These small yet bright lights will quickly become your favorite EDC companions. These bright lights can undoubtedly tackle all of your day to day lighting needs because of their small build and surprising high lumen output.




Lumens 1600 1600 750
Throw Distance 673ft (205m) 667ft (203m) 446ft (136m)
Size 4.3″ 3.9″ 2.4″
Impact Resistance 1m 1m 1m
Waterproof IP68; Underwater 2m IP68; Underwater 2m IP68; Underwater 2m
Modes 7 6 5


Fenix LD30 flashlight

This extremely powerful compact flashlight will soon be your favorite companion. Equipped with 7 different lighting modes, the LD30 can emit a maximum 1600 lumens 673 feet (205 meters). Measuring 4.3”, this portable sized EDC flashlight is a perfect example of a high lumen throwing EDC flashlight. It is built with a battery level indicator to notify users exactly how charged it is so you won’t unexpectedly be left without a light source. The LD30 is easily activated with its tactical tail switch and the brightness can be effortlessly adjusted by the side switch. Other features of the LD30 include a two-position body clip for easy carry and it is IP68 waterproof rated and 1-meter impact resistant. Reliable and durable, the LD30 is a popular everyday carry flashlight choice.


fenix E30R rechargeable flashlight

This high-performance, high lumen, EDC flashlight is only 4” long yet it can throw up to 1600 lumens 667 feet (203 meters). It features a rechargeable LED light and convenient magnetic charging port. The E30R includes a 4-level battery indicator to show users exactly how much power is left. With 6 different lighting modes that can be operated using the convenient side switch, you’ll have the best lighting for any situation on demand. With one switch control, this user-friendly EDC flashlight is practical for everyday use because of its small size and bright light.


Fenix E18R Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

One of the tiniest EDC flashlights Fenix has to offer is the E18R EDC rechargeable flashlight. This ultra-compact flashlight will surprise you with its outstanding performance. Able to project a maximum 750 lumens 446 feet (136 meters), the E18R is a great EDC flashlight choice with its portable size and bright light. The E18R features four brightness levels, and a strobe mode for defense that is easily activated by the stainless steel side switch. Even useful for hands-free lighting, the E18R also features a magnetic tail that can be attached to any nearby metal surface. Only 2.4” in size, this flashlight is a must-have for everyday use. Always have an ultra-bright high lumen EDC flashlight that you know you can count on.


Portable, compact, and powerful, be prepared with a high lumen EDC flashlight for anything life throws at you. Each with its own unique features, there is a perfect every day carry out there for everyone. Whether you go big or small, have one of these lumen-packed flashlights at the ready by making it a part of your everyday carry gear.

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