Fenix PD35TAC Review

Outdoor Ambassador, Steven B., Reviews PD35 Tactical Flashlight

I have a diverse selection of Fenix lights that serve me in different situations. If I had to narrowed it down to the light that gets the most use it would be my PD35TAC.
Whether I’m at work or out on the town, you will not catch me without my Fenix PD35 TAC. Measuring in at less than 5.5” the PD35 TAC is great everyday carry light. Pocket size or not, this light is an ABSOLUTE BEAST! In turbo mode it unleashes a blinding 1k lumens which is an overwhelming amount of light. On the other end of the spectrum in eco mode it puts out 8 lumens for a whopping 140 hours, which makes it ideal light to have in a survival situation. It also throws a solid beam with a good hotspot and ample spill. I have found both the PD35TAC and PD32UE to be extremely durable and reliable. The body has a solid feel that is comfortable while holding and feels balanced in the hand. I absolutely love this light and believe it is truly one of the best flashlight values out there.
Now, for some critiquing. I have found myself looking for the side switch in the dark and having my thumb slide right over the smooth button a couple of times without even realizing. It would be nice if had some etching or grip of some sort that would make it easier to feel while busy doing things in the dark.


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  • What kind of batteries does the PD35TAC light use and is it as good or better than the PD36TAC.
    also, what do you find better or worse in each other?
    I’m am thinking about getting a Malkoff MD2/M61 Hot flashlight. Are they pretty much the same in quality?

    • The PD35TAC uses an 18650 battery while the PD36TAC uses 21700. The 21700 will provide higher lumen levels and longer runtimes. The UI on the lights is completely different, so some people are going to prefer the UI on the PD35TAC while others love the rear rotary switch of the PD36TAC. I can’t compare us to a Malkoff as I do not have personal experience with them and would recommend reading the reviews on our lights.

  • Line up the pocket clip with the switch, you’ll find the switch in the dark quickly, every time.


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