Fenix Fan- Biking Along the Hudson at Night

I am a New York City Actor/Comedian and ride along a poorly lit bike path along the Hudson River. There has been some attacks on bikers lately (Nov-2016). This light, on it’s own, lights up the path and would definitely blind the maggot scum that might seek to attack me. I employ additional lighting as […]

Desert Bikepacking

Desert Bikepacking for New Year’s By Kurt Refsnider (A Fenix-sponsored pro mountain biker) The Arizona desert is a bikepackers paradise during the winter months with warm days, abundant trails, and small streams that begin to flow after months of running completely dry. For New Year’s, Kaitlyn and I drove south from the snowbound mountains in […]

Are You Ready For The Zombie Apocolypse?!

Best Survival Flashlights: Inspired by the Walking Dead The Walking Dead returns to AMC for the second half of season 7 on Sunday, February 12. And we can’t wait to see if Rick and the group can take Negan down once and for all. Can they recruit more Negan haters, find additional weapons and collect […]

Get Super Bowl Party Ready

Are you ready for some football?!? For Fenix, a proper Super Bowl party isn’t complete without a few essentials: Beer Ice Coolers Food  A grill Music Lighting – powerful and versatile to illuminate all activities   To help you throw a great 2017 Super Bowl party, we put together a recipe and the best lights to make […]

Zoom In And Let’s Get Focused… On Flashlights

Flashlights – Spotlight Versus Floodlight, Which Do You Need? WHY a focusable light? There are sometimes when you require a flashlight that can see far away and other times when you need to illuminate a large space. For instance, would you like a light you can take camping that will light up your entire campsite […]

Today’s Best Rechargeable Flashlight

Today’s Best Rechargeable Flashlight… Not Your Father’s Rechargeable Flashlight History of Flashlights 1898- First Flashlight  The First Flashlight was powered by three D-size dry cell batteries that were the source of energy for the small incandescent light bulb. The small bulb gave a “flash” of light for a very short period of time. They first operated on zinc-carbon […]

National Flashlight Day 2016

Happy National Flashlight Day!   Not surprisingly, National Flashlight Day is celebrated on Winter Solstice (December 21st, 2016) – aka: the darkest day of the year. Although you may never have celebrated this holiday before, It’s pretty significant for Fenix. In honor of flashlights being around for 117 years, we would like to offer you […]