new fenix pd36r rechargeable flashlight

PD36R, Daylight on Demand

I Have been using my PD36R flashlight for several months now, and it has become one of my most complemented daily carry items. Sharp knives are nice, multi tools are…
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So I had heard about the PD36R and looked into it.  Decided to pick one up.  Well let me tell you that its well worth the price.  Like all Fenix…
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My Fenix CL30R is by far my best lantern I have ever owned.  This is the first lantern I saw that ran off 123 batteries as well as 18650 batteries…
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PD35 V2.0 Camo

My Fenix PD35 comes in handy all the time.  I take this light with me everywhere I go from camping, hiking, to ice fishing. I love the fact that it…
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PD36R is Awesome!

I purchased the PD36R for my on duty flashlight. I carried a PD35 for a couple of years and loved it.  I knew with the upgrades the PD36R was going…
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