Today’s Best Rechargeable Flashlight

Today’s Best Rechargeable Flashlight… Not Your Father’s Rechargeable Flashlight History of Flashlights 1898- First Flashlight  The First Flashlight was powered by three D-size dry cell batteries that were the source of energy for the small incandescent light bulb. The small bulb gave a “flash” of light for a very short period of time. They first operated on zinc-carbon […]

National Flashlight Day 2016

Happy National Flashlight Day!   Not surprisingly, National Flashlight Day is celebrated on Winter Solstice (December 21st, 2016) – aka: the darkest day of the year. Although you may never have celebrated this holiday before, It’s pretty significant for Fenix. In honor of flashlights being around for 117 years, we would like to offer you […]

Fenix Fan – Outstanding Brightness

I am an executive in a Real Estate Investment company and needed to inspect a large warehouse today for potential investment. As a part of my inspection, I need to see the condition of ceiling interiors which are from 18′ to 30′ above my head. I check for any signs of water, rust, and other […]