LD15R: Great Small Light for EDC

I bought the LD15R because I wanted a small rechargeable for EDC. At first glance it’s very similar to the HM50R, but with a 2 way clip instead of a headband/mount. The right angle and magnetic base are interesting features, and it’s very bright for its size. As an alternative to the right angle lens, […]

The Mighty UC02

In the 1940’s, 20th Century Fox introduced the world to Mighty Mouse, a super hero who confounded the villains because his size belied his strength. DC Comics similarly has The Atom, while Marvel Comics marquees Ant Man and The Wasp. In that same vein, Fenix Lighting flexes its own mini muscle in the form of […]

13 Reasons to Carry a Compact Flashlight with You Everywhere

Lug around a flashlight ALL the time!? We know it can sound like an unnecessary nuisance, but you’ll be surprised by helpful you’ll find having a flashlight on you at all times! Plus, with all the compact flashlight options available, it’s easy to find one that won’t bulk up your pockets, purse or bag. There […]

Fenix PD35TAC Product Review

The Fenix PD35TAC is a great light that is perfectly sized (compact/ small enough) to carry around. I am very pleased with it. I’ve used various lighting modes and appreciate the extremely bright, extending beam. PD35TAC in my opinion, is a versatile/great everyday carry-all for outdoor and indoor use. Easy to hold/grip design. Battery life […]

Fenix UC52 Flashlight Review

With a volcano exploding on one side of the island and an above normal threat of tsunamis, I wanted to make sure I had the best flashlight for the Boy Scout High Adventure backpacking trip. The UC52 had every feature I wanted and definitely didn’t go unnoticed while at camp. The reason I chose the […]

Fenix TK72R – Like holding the sun in your hand

When Fenix released the TK72R I started putting away my pennies, because 9000 lumens in my hand? Why wouldn’t you. Starting with the un-boxing, this thing was so well packaged, I was amazed that the price wasn’t higher to make up for the packaging. To me, packaging is a sure sign of a company’s passion […]

Lightweight, Compact, Versatile and Bright: HM50R

Although I’ve only had the HM50R for less than a year, I’ve put some serious miles on this light. And I have my final thoughts on it: It’s a serious win! Lightweight, compact, versatile, and bright! It’s held up despite the worst that I can throw at it. From Negative temps to dropping it down a rocky crag, […]

The HL32R – Form and Function

The HL32R Rechargeable Headlamp from Fenix Lighting USA! I have quite a few headlamps, and each one is different. Each one has a different use. The HL32R closes the gap! A unique feature is the TIR optic, rather than reflector and lens. This optic creates a beam pattern second to none. Absolutely fantastic. I can hike […]