PD-35 TAC versatile, dependable, and rock solid

The PD35 is my favorite small flashlight. I have one in my toolbox, my hunting pack, the glovebox of the Jeep, the truck, my wife’s purse, and several more for other uses. I bought the PD35 TAC version along with the ALG-00 quick disconnect rail mount to use as a home security light on an […]

FD41 – The Perfect Do-All Light

Basically I bought the FD41 as a house flashlight. Around our place we have lights everywhere, but my loving wife seems to collect her favorite ones and put them where I can’t find them. This light is a perfect do-all unit. It can focus a spot beam to see out in the back where the […]

The HM50R. When mighty meets minuscule.

By pictures alone, you’d think this light would weigh more than 3 ounces with the battery. But, you’d be incorrect! Meet the minuscule, yet mighty Fenix HM50R. I ask a lot of my lights. If I’m out in the backcountry for days on end, I demand a lot from them, I expect it. Thus far, […]

The Fenix PD35TAC: “Best Flashlight I’ve Ever Owned”

Fenix often receives fan stories via social media about how a Fenix light saved the day. We want to share these stories with you because we think a genuine, unwarranted shoutout speak volumes about a product. Ray from @custom_made_badges shared this story about how the PD35 saved him and his family while driving around Puerto […]

All Around Winner – Fenix UC35 Review

I love flashlights, and I have many of my own. All of my friends and family know this, and the second biggest question I get (behind “how many do you have?”) is: “What’s a good flashlight for me?” My answer usually starts with another question: “What will it be used for?” Because depending on the […]

I Bought HP25R Headlamps for my Entire Team!

I bought several of these HP25R headlamps to outfit my entire team at work. We do field work on Wind Turbines. This is a great light, both out in the field and around the house. This headlamp has 2 lights, a spotlight and a floodlight. Only one of the lights can be on at a […]

Fenix UC02 & UC02SS: Both Great EDC Lights

I bought these lights, one for me (UC02SS) and one for my wife (UC02). Previously I had an E01 light on my keychain, and found that the UC02 & UC02SS is a much more capable light for a few dollars more. It comes with a tiny rechargeable (USB) battery, and is a bright light for […]

CL09 Lantern Review

I started using the CL09 Lantern about two months ago. I have used it in a couple of different applications. The first time I used it was on a camping trip. It proved itself very useful. I first used the light for grilling at night and it provided more than enough light for cooking. I […]