Fenix CL25R – The Stella Light

As my title alludes, the Fenix CL25R Lantern should have been named The Stella. On the turbo setting this light is amazingly bright from all angles. Stella is Latin for ‘star’ and this lantern is like having your own star up close and personal. The light’s turbo mode outputs 350 lumens for a whopping 2 […]

Fenix CL09 Lantern – Review by Ambassador Andy F.

When I first opened the Fenix CL09 Lantern I was surprised at how small it was and how little it weighs. This little lantern fits in your hand and weight almost nothing. The day I received it I was about to head out for a hiking and camping trip so I immediately attached it to […]

FD20 Focus Beam Flashlight – Review by Ambassador Drew I.

I was excited to try the Fenix FD20 Focus Beam Flashlight specifically for the focusing beam feature. My other three Fenix lights have a fixed beam. My only concern was that this light uses two AA batteries and is not rechargeable. My other lights charge via USB or rechargeable batteries.   As a Home Inspector, […]

RC11 Review

The Fenix RC11 is almost the perfect light for my needs, so it’s been hard to try to review it. Starting off with its size, it fits perfectly in your hands. It’s powered by one – 18650 battery, or two CR123 batteries, so that gives you a good sense of the light’s size. The light […]

Fenix ARE-X1+ Battery Charger Review

The ARE-X1 worked great during our five night back-country hike. I was worried that I would be carrying multiple batteries that I didn’t need, but when I found the ARE-X1, I was relieved. A battery charger with a micro-USB port allows for many charging capabilities. You’re able to connect it to a wall outlet or […]

ARB-L18-3500U – Love this idea!

Fenix decided to give me the opportunity to test out their ARB-L18-3500U rechargeable battery. This has got to be the best idea on how to deal with a rechargeable battery I have ever seen. A charging port on the battery! I gave up on rechargeable batteries years ago because I couldn’t keep up with all […]

Best Summer Reads For Camping

It’s dark outside and you’ve nestled into your tent for the night. All you need is the right story to whisk you away before slumber. If you’re a night reader and enjoy page-turners like the list below, you need to consider the following: Your hands need to be free to manage your book. We recommend […]