One is None, Two is One… Fenix TK25 R&B and UC35

There is saying that “One is none and two is one.” This could not be any truer in life for any person about using any kind of tools. Take for example flashlights, there are many combinations of primary lights and secondary lights for everyday carry situations and as well as solutions for the blue-collar workers. […]

TK65R – For More Than Just Law Enforcement

When Fenix debut their TK65R which was marketed for Law Enforcement use I knew I wanted to purchase one. I had wanted to get a different flashlight and after convincing the wife I needed it I placed my order. Living in northern Alaska, the darkness of winter lasts 20 hours a day at the winter […]

When the Next Natural Disaster Hits, Will You be Prepared?

Hurricanes in the south and east. Earthquakes and fires in the west. And now winter storms in the east. These past few months have been littered with natural disasters. Who knows what’s next. And more importantly, are you prepared?   If you live in an area prone to blizzards, tornados, hurricanes or other natural disasters, […]

Fenix TK15UE long term review

I think I’ve had the TK15UE long enough to pull a long term review. Its certainly proved itself beyond a shadow of a doubt. I’m glad old man winter blew in, and with with windchill’s hitting about 0 degrees Fahrenheit, it was time for its final test. I loaded her up with Tenergy CR123’s and headed […]

Fenix HL60R – Best Headlamp for Woodsmen

Just when I think Fenix has shown me the best headlamp I ever, I buy another and it outdoes the last. They are constantly setting the bar higher and higher. I picked up an HL60R and used it hard for months. In the rain, sleet, even daily at work. The Cree LED throws a beam […]

Fenix LD75C Flashlight Review

It’s the multi tool of the flashlight world! With four different colors and the max power of 4,200 lumens the LD75C has many uses. Hunting, fishing, or playing in a dark field this light will amaze all that witness the power of the LD75C. Some might even think you have five different lights, when you […]

Fenix Favorites for Flashlight Fanatics

A flashlight is certainly the brightest gift you can give. However, choosing the right flashlight gift can be daunting. Walk into any outdoor retail store and you will see an impressive display of flashlights, lanterns and headlamps. And online stores provide even larger offerings of LED lights. It’s easier to just receive personal reviews and […]