Fenix TK25RB Flashlight Review by Ambassador Mike K.

I’m one of four people (in the USA) chosen to test and review the latest product from Fenix – the TK25RB flashlight. In return for my thoughts on their latest product, Fenix has allowed me to keep the reviewed item for my own use. I applied to test/review the TK25RB for several reasons. Among them […]

HM50R – Compact, lightweight and bright headlamp

Compact, lightweight and bright are the 3 words that immediately came to mind upon first using the new HM50R headlamp from Fenix. Billed as a high altitude and cold resistant headlamp, this little light can also be removed from the silicone holster and used as a flashlight. The interface on this headlamp is simple. Hold down […]

Fenix HM50R Review

This little light packs a most powerful punch! I took this little headlamp with me to summit Mount Elbert in Colorado, which is the second highest peak in the US! The nature of this mountain is that it creates its own weather, so starting early is a must and you often start your summit in […]

TK25 IR – Hunting Review from Joe W.

I received my Tk25 IR several months ago and have been itching to use it for the real reason I wanted to get one. Having numerous Fenix flashlights I have been accustomed to the quality, fit, and finish on these lights and this model was put together with the quality that I expect to see. […]

Fenix CL25R Review – A Camping Game-Changer

The days of me lugging around the old bulky Coleman lantern are finally over thanks to the Fenix CL25R. In the past I always cringed when packing for a camping trip and having to load the old awkward and heavy lantern. Now with the CL25R, I find myself looking for any opportunity to use this […]

5 Ways a Flashlight Can Keep You or a Loved One Safe On Campus

Are you heading back to campus, gearing up for a near semester? Sending a loved one off to college? Keep them or yourself safe with one easy tool: A reliable flashlight! Many campuses have (thankfully!) implemented incredible strategies, tools and proper lighting to help keep their students safe at night. However, evening classes or post-sunset […]

Fenix HM50R – Headlamp for running

During the winter, daylight is at a premium for a runner. The Fenix HM50R Headlamp is a great light to bridge the gap between starting your run and sunrise, or after-work runs. It comes in at a lightweight 79g with the battery (about the same as my 3xAAA Petzl light), and it comes with a […]

TK75 (2015 upgrade) Review by Ambassador Andrew H.

All I can say about the Fenix TK75 flashlight is wow! Simply wow! I decided to try this light as a replacement for my old Bright Star (Koehler) Lighthawk lantern at work. I’ve used it for close to 10 years now, and it’s never failed me. I wasn’t going to be a fair fight going […]