Fenix E12 Flashlight Review from the Medical Field

Outdoor Ambassador, Andrew C. Reviews Fenix E12

Andrew, E12

The Fenix E12 is my ideal EDC flashlight. At 3.5 inches long and weighing only an ounce, it disappears easily in any pocket. I carry it at all times, and use it frequently at work. As an RN, I find its dimmest setting (8 lumens) useful for checking pupils. On the brightest setting, it easily lights a room.

Its LED sips power. I use a lithium battery, and can’t remember the last time I had to change the battery out. The tail switch makes it easy to turn on and cycle brightness, but is stiff enough to avoid accidental activation in my pocket. Its aluminum exterior has held up to years of abuse and bleach wipes without difficulty.

I’d highly recommend this light to anyone who works in medicine. It is perfect for every day use, while having plenty of brightness to help in an unexpected power outage.

Andrew C

Emergency Department RN and Outdoor Ambassador, Andrew C.

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