The Perfect EDC – Fenix RC09

Outdoor Ambassador, Devin C., Reviews Fenix RC09 Everyday Carry Flashlight

I’ve had the Fenix Rc09 for about a month now and the title of this review, “The Perfect EDC,” sums it all up along with the picture below.

Devin CThe RC09 has been camping, working on cars, and looking under the couch for lost toys. In all of these activities, it has performed above expectations. For camping it went the entire weekend on one charge! For doing work on cars the picture above sums it up pretty well – it kept perched on the axle and pointed right where I needed it. I also stuck it under the car hood. Now for the most important activity- finding lost toys under the couch. The compact size, pocket clip and high power of the RC09 allows me to carry it at all times, and always me to pierce the murky depths under the couch to find toys for the little one.

Finally, the magnetic charging port is amazing. No need to mess with the little rubber plugs. Overall the RC09 rocks. If you need a flashlight for work or play but finding a compact flashlight is an issue, this one fits the bill.

fenix rc09 rechargeable flashlight


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