Fenix HL26R Headlamp Review by Ultra Trail Runner

Ultra Trail Runner, Jeramy D., Reviews the HL26R Rechargeable Headlamp

fenix hl26r rechargeable headlamp yellowI was lucky enough to get my hands on the Fenix HL26R  a month ago. It’s a compact and super lightweight headlamp that can throw big lumens for its size. With reflective accents along the headband, it’s a great light to put on when hitting the streets early in the morning/late at night.

Upon taking it out of the packaging, I couldn’t believe how light it was. At 3 ounces including the battery, there is literally nothing to it. The fit and feel of the HL26R make it really comfortable to wear. While I prefer to run with something under a headlamp (sweatband or buff), this has a nice soft feel to it. They have also included a silicone line to re-direct sweat from running down your face and into your eyes during your activities. This silicone also seems to give the light a little bit of grip as it sits against your skin.

Settings and runtimes for Fenix HL26R Headlamp:

Flood (cool)
Low – 4 Lumens (100 Hours)
High – 40 Lumens (13 Hours)
SOS – 40 Lumens (26 Hours)

Spot (warm)
Burst – 450 Lumens (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
Low – 30 Lumens (25 Hours)
Medium – 70 Lumens (12 Hours)
High – 130 Lumens (6 Hours)

I’ve used this headlamp on everything from runs and hikes to chores around the house. It’s got a sturdy build and has 7 different lighting angles. They included a plastic shelf like cover to keep from accidentally turning this light on without meaning to. The buttons need to be pressed firmly and held down for a second to turn it on. It takes a little oomph to adjust to a different lighting angle, but this gets rid of any opportunity for the light to slip to a different adjustment by accident.

The beam pattern for the spot setting is really nice. There is a ton of spill giving a nice wall of light. You won’t feel like you are chasing a little dot around with this light. Even when moving fast, this light doesn’t give an appearance of bounce due to the beam pattern. If you need to throw bigger lume for a short period, all you need to do is hold down the spot button for a few seconds while it’s on or off. You can get a burst of 450 lumens that is super impressive for such a small light!

The flood setting has a cooler tone that will light up everything within a short distance. It’s great to use as a secondary/waist light for running or hiking as well. Depth perception on trails at night can be tricky and this light is a great secondary addition to keep you moving quickly and more importantly in an upright position.

If you need to check the battery level all you need to do is press and release (quickly) the flood button when the light is off. As you drain this light, it will step down. Since the battery is built in, you just connect the supplied usb cable and attach to a power source. Once the battery is completely depleted, it will take a tad over 2 hours for a full charge while connected to a computer. You can also plug this in to an external power bank and charge on the go as well. It can be used on the go while charging, but only on the low setting.

Having everything in one package and not needing to worry about changing out batteries, etc. make it an easy choice for anyone on the go. I would also highly recommend this light for anyone who may not want to purchase or worry about the extra gear for rechargeable batteries.

For runners needing a light source for pavement or smooth trails/jeep roads, this light is going to be a great choice. For anyone out on a hike (thru or multi day), this light would be a great piece of gear for your kit due to its size, weight, runtimes and lumens!

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