Fenix UC35 Flashlight Saved My Two Year Old

We had a family camping trip planned and something happened at work so my family had to go without me in the morning. After work I drove to the campground and met with them right around dark. When I got there, I gave my 2 daughters each one of my flashlights, giving my youngest (2.5 yrs) the Fenix UC35. My oldest wanted to show me the stream next to the lake so I asked my mother to watch my youngest. After a moment, I looked back and couldn’t see my youngest anymore. I looked to the lake and I could see a light shinning in it. It was my youngest underwater holding the fenix flashlight. I jumped in and saved her life. Had it not been for the quality of the UC35 holding up underwater I may not have seen her in time to save her. Thank you Fenix for making quality products!

-Garrett E.


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  • Incredible story with a happy ending. I am so glad you were there to save your daughter. Your Fenix light performed when you and her needed it most.

  • I’m so very glad this turned out the way it did.
    Cheers to your family!


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