Fenix UC30 Flashlight- My New Favorite

Work & Professional Ambassador, Drew I., Reviews the UC30

Drew I

Using the HL60R and TK35UE

As a Home Inspector, I was introduced to Fenix through my Inspector Association. I purchased the HL60R headlamp to use while inspecting attic and crawl spaces. I have purchased several low cost headlamps and flashlights over the years. Fenix products are top notch. I loved the fact that it was USB rechargeable. After using it and I found the ability to change the strength of the light a great feature for taking pictures in dark spaces to obtain the highest quality picture for my reports.

I also started using it when walking my dog. Living next to a county park we have a lot of wild life that can be dangerous when not seen. I would use it as a hand held light to illuminate dark areas. After seeing how well it would light up streets and park areas I looked into a hand held flashlight to use on my home inspections as well as walking the dog.

Next up I ordered the TK35UE, Ultimate Edition. It is a great Tactical Flashlight. And it will light up and entire street. I have had members of Law Enforcement ask about this flashlight as they were impressed by it. It uses the same batteries as my headlamp. which is a bonus.

Now my New Best Friend, the “UC30“, saw it on the website as a new product and was attracted to it because it used the same battery as my other Fenix products and was also USB chargeable like my headlamp. I was looking for a smaller flashlight with the Fenix quality.

Needless to say I purchased it immediately and eagerly awaited it to arrive. (I chose the cheapest shipping). My bad.

Now, I use it everyday for my night time dog walks and have dedicated my TK35UE to strictly home inspections and know it will always have a good charge.

All 3 are great lights and I can not see myself not purchasing any other light other then a Fenix in the future.

Over my 48 years I have bought my share of flashlights, and these are the best I have purchased.

UC30 Rechargeable Flashlight

UC30 Rechargeable Flashlight

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  • luminosity is excellent; strobe might or might not be a useful accessory function; my uc will accept NO batteries, except the rechargeable.


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