Mens Journal says the Fenix UC02SS is the best tiny light for the summer!

The health and fitness magazine just released its Summer Gear Lab Special issue, which features our UC02 Stainless Steel rechargeable mini light. As one of the best “toys, tools, tech of summer”, the UC02SS is ranked as the top “tiny, capable light for everyday carry”.

On page 50, this is what Men’s Journal says about our mini keychain light:

“While most so-called everyday-carry flashlights are too bulky to stuff into your pocket, the rugged rechargeable Fenix UC02SS is smaller than a Sharpie cap. Operation is foolproof: A simple twist of the head toggles between 10 and 130 lumens.”

We are honored to be included in Men’s Journal Magazine best gear for summer 2017 and we hope you love our mini keychain flashlight just as much as we do. Don’t forget to stock up on this summer’s best gear!

UC02SS Flashlight

Not only is the UC02 in Stainless Steel, Fenix has a UC02 in Aluminum!

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