Fenix TK75 Flashlight Kit Review

For when you need to see EVERYTHING

Fenix TK75 Flashlight Upgrade

Outdoor Ambassador, Rob E., Reviews one of Fenix’s brightest flashlights


TK75 Build: The TK75 flashlight is a large light with a weight to match. I would not consider this a hiking light, but for around camp or a search and rescue light it would be prefect. The fit and finish is nice with clean machining like on all of my Fenix lights.

TK75 Features: One of the best features on this light is the “burst” mode. Burst mode just means that no matter what level of light you are in (except turbo) you can get to the lights highest output with the tap of one button. Think of this as your “noise in the woods” button.
Another really nice feature is the ¼ inch tripod screw in point. Having this means you can put the light on any tripod and have a nice area light, this is great when setting up camp or getting some light on the table without attracting bugs (just move the light away.)

Rob E

TK75 Output: This light is bright, really really bight (4,000 lumens). So bright in fact that you won’t want to use its highest setting for anything other than showing off, spotting Sasquatch or search and rescue. It’s laughably bright to the point where it will light up the entire campsite if you need it to. One of the best things about the output is that on Medium it still puts out 600 lumens. 600 is still a “bright” camp light without being blinding, and what’s better is that it will run for around 11 hours at that level. No more dead lights!

TK75 Charger and Batteries: I also ordered the Fenix ARE-C2+ 4 bay charger and 4 of the Fenix ARB-L18 2600 Batteries. The charger is fantastic, charging all sorts of sizes of lithium ion batteries from RCR123 to 18650. The digital display is really nice to see what the charged voltage is. What awesome is it also charges NiCad and NIMH batteries and chooses the right charging style automatically. GAME CHANGER. Now I only need to bring one charger for all my light batteries.
Fenix TK75 Bundle batteries charger

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