Fenix TK16 Tactical Flashlight Review

Fire and Rescue Ambassador, Collin W. Reviews TK16 Flashlight

Collin W. TK16

Before getting into this review, I will clarify that I purchased this light at full price on my own and was not offered any incentive, coupon, or compensation from Fenix. Six months later, I bought a second (again at full price) as a backup. This photo shows the two lights next to eachother – One new, one that’s been to hell and back.

I purchased the first TK16 flashlight in July of 2016. In the last year, I’ve put this light through hell. I work as a firefighter, and this light has been with me every waking moment of the last year. I’ll spare you the math- this light has been in my back pocket for almost 5,000 hours! In that time, this light has illuminated the inside of burning houses, scanned flooded riverbanks, and crawled with me into wrecked cars at midnight. This light has lit my oil changes (I once dropped it in the used oil bucket), helped direct traffic, and has even helped me navigate the pantry when power was out. For the last year, both on and off duty, this light has been in my back pocket. This light is as tough as it gets.

In my opinion, build quality and brightness are the two most important features in a flashlight. If it won’t turn on when you need it, a flashlight is worthless. This light is built like a tank. You really need to hold this flashlight to see how tough it is, but a quick glance at this flashlight’s height and weight (compared to others in the same category) give a little bit of insight into its build quality.

The TK16 also packs a hefty 1,000 lumens. This is more than enough for any normal task. In comparison to my Ford Explorer’s headlights, this flashlight is brighter than the low beams. It’s worth mentioning that this light has 4 brightness modes (and an instant strobe), so it can be toned down when you don’t need blinding light.

I love this light – and I’ll recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone. It offers durability, fantastic brightness, and fits in my back pocket. There is an instant strobe feature, a solid pocket clip, and a full warranty. I’ve demanded a lot of this flashlight, and I’ve never once been disappointed. If you’re tough on your gear, the TK16 may be the light for you.

Collin W

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