Fenix FD20 Focus Flashlight Review

Fenix Ambassador, Cody F., gives his thoughts on the new zoomable flashlight

fenix FD20 focusable beam flashlight

Fenix FD20 is a unique focusable flashlight perfect for walks at night. It’s convenient to use in one hand and runs on AA batteries. When you want to see close in front of you but also further down the path the FD20 will meet your requirements. The one switch on the back is very convenient and easy to press, which also allows you to cycle through different brightness modes. At a decent high of 350 lumens and waterproof up to 2 meters and dust proof, this flashlight can be used in many different occasions. With a simple twist you can zoom in and out, adjusting the focus of your beam to your liking. It’s like having two lights in one!
If you’re hesitant to buy this light because it runs on AA batteries and is not rechargeable, buy some rechargeable AA batteries and use the ARE-C2+, ARE-X1+ or ARE-C1+ chargers because they are also capable of charging AA batteries. However, this light has a long running time even if you were to keep it on the brightest level.

Overall the FD20 is a great durable flashlight that is easy to use and carry in one hand. Perfect for taking walks at night!

cody f

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