Fenix E12 EDC Flashlight Review

Work/Professional Ambassador, Jeff C., Reviews the E12 Flashlight

My profession requires me to have tools that will work in different environments. I service medical Linear Accelerators (the machines that make radiation to treat cancer) and I need a flashlight that I can carry in my pocket and use in varying light conditions.

Fenix E12 Flashlight Size

The Everyday Carry Flashlight, E12

The Fenix E12 has been my EDC light for a long time now. Because of its single AA size, I can carry it all day and hardly notice. When I’m working close up, in a darkened room or around polished metal surfaces I only need a little light. When I’m trying to trace a wire harness or replace a resolver, I might need a little more light to penetrate a dark space. When I’m performing inspections around the klystron, waveguides or in the recesses of the high voltage modulator, I need a strong light to find the hidden potential defects.

The E12’s three output modes (8, 50, 130 Lumens) works perfectly for all my needs. The tail tap switch makes it so easy and convenient to work through the different modes. The E12 is also tail stand capable which makes it extra handy for those times when you need both of your hands to work.

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