Fenix CL25R Lantern Review

Photography Ambassador, Sean B., Reviews the CL25R Lantern

I picked up my first CL25R a little over a year ago. I had purchased it from a small local shop, with the intent of leaving it in my truck as a work light. Initial impressions were just as expected, a small and lightweight lantern. Upon first use, I was extremely impressed by the durability of the plastic and the amount of light able to pass through the “diffuser”. The controls were simple, and charging options were ample using micro USB. Interchangeable batteries ensure that you’ll always have a 2nd option. A small swivel on the top allows for use of a caribeaner or other similar devices to hang in places such a tent. The opposite end sports a magnet, which works perfect under the hood of a vehicle.

The base of the lantern also sports 1/4-20 UNC threads, which make it tripod friendly. I had never given it much thought, until I was at a photo shoot and my main light died. I retrieved my CL25R lantern out of my EDC bag, and went back to work. The little light ran for over an hour and gave me ample amounts of diffused light to work with while it sat atop a tripod. The photos turned out just as planned, and I have since added 2 more lanterns to collection, and they now accompany my photo lighting kit.

Sean B

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