Celebrating Earth Day 2017

Earth Day 2017

April 22 marks the 47th annual celebration of Earth Day. While you consider how you will show your support for Earth Day, think about replacing your old batteries with new long-lasting rechargeable batteries and purchasing rechargeable products to reduce your carbon footprint.  Your flashlight and the earth will thank you.

Consider Rechargeable Products

With environmental awareness in mind, Fenix has ramped up production of affordable rechargeable LED flashlights, bike lights, lanterns, headlamps and rechargeable batteries. Many may not consider these items as “green technologies” but they can truly help shrink an individual’s carbon footprint, while saving them money and reducing the number of hazardous materials entering landfills.

A simple way to better our planet is to practice disposing batteries properly. Millions of batteries are disposed of in the United States each year. Because they contain hazardous materials they can pose environmental risks if not discarded properly, See tips on how to dispose of batteries properly. You may also try rechargeable batteries since they lengthen the life of your power source and keep the hazardous materials out of landfills.

Don’t forget about Fenix’s newest Micro-USB Rechargeable batteries!


Earth Day is about making simple deliberate changes that support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Changing your flashlight over to rechargeable batteries and purchasing Micro-USB Rechargeable products is an easy way to show support for the planet while improving the performance of your gear.


Get 22% off ALL rechargeable Fenix products on April 22nd! Use coupon code EARTHDAY22 at checkout


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