Essential Gear for Mountain Biking at Night

Mountain biking at night may seem like an extreme sport, but it can also open the door to rediscovering your favorite trails or allow you to get in that midweek ride. Mountain biking at night does come with some challenges, more in preparedness but night riding is easier than you may think. We asked the […]

Bikepacking Gear and Tips to Getting Started

Bikepacking – or backpacking on a bike – is somewhat of a new and growing trend but how do you get started? We sat down with Kurt Refsnider, pro mountain biker and bikepacking expert to get his bikepacking tips and insights into this adventurous way of camping. Q: First concern I have with riding a […]

Working for a Brighter Planet

April 22 marks the 45th annual celebration of Earth Day. As is to be expected, during this time we’ll be surrounded by discussions of the environment, our impact and how we can do better to help and protect our planet. That discussion has taken place time and again in our offices here at Fenix and […]

Fenix is Lighting the Way to Wins

Endurance athletes have told us time and again their preferred lighting source for races is Fenix. When those same athletes come back and tell us they took first place – with the help of our products – we get REALLY excited. We’re officially excited. At Fenix Lighting US, we work with a few professional athletes […]

The Brightest LED Flashlight is Here!

This past month we introduced our brightest LED flashlight – ever! The new LD75C produces 4,200 lumens at maximum output, and can throw light for more than five football fields in distance. Fenix designed this light for those of you who want (or need) flashlights to produce at the farthest edge of extreme, and appreciate […]

Say Hello to the New BT30R Bike Light

To kick the mountain biking season off, Fenix Lighting introduced the new BT30R bike light in the U.S. this last month. Before we brought it market though we had some pros put it to the test. Professional mountain biker, Kurt Resnider, recently used the BT30R to take first place in the country’s largest 24-hour mountain […]