ARB-L18-3500U – Love this idea!

Fenix decided to give me the opportunity to test out their ARB-L18-3500U rechargeable battery. This has got to be the best idea on how to deal with a rechargeable battery I have ever seen. A charging port on the battery!

Fenix ARB-L18-3500U USB rechargeable battery charging port

I gave up on rechargeable batteries years ago because I couldn’t keep up with all the different chargers. You pack for the lease the first thing you have to do is hunt down all the chargers…not fun. The brains at Fenix solved this. All you need to do is keep a couple micro-USB cords around and BAM you got a battery charger for all of your batteries. This puppy isn’t the cheapest battery you will buy but, it’s worth every penny. I ran this battery on one charge in a FD30 flashlight and it’s still going after a month! Let me be clear that I carry and use this light every single day at work and at home. Charging time new was a few hours and ready to go. I bought a couple more pretty quickly after I got the demo and ran them down intentionally in another light I was using for other purposes and charging time was still just a few hours. Just plug it in and go to bed and in the morning you got a lot of light time.

The other beautiful thing about this battery is that you will get full output of your light because it is designed for the demand of power.

Go get one! You will love it!

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