TK75 AKA “Star Cannon”

TK75 AKA “Star Cannon”

Ambassador Jonathan K.

Over the past few years I have REALLY gotten into vertical caving. My best friend finally talked me into expanding my rock climbing/rappelling skillset by adding on the thrills of vertical caving. Our favorite place to go is Ellison’s Cave. Ellison’s Cave contains Fantastic Pit, which is the largest unobstructed pit in the lower 48 states with 586′ of pure free fall! We purchased Fenix’s TK75 to see if we could see the bottom of the pit before rappelling in. And it does just that! We quickly determined that a flashlight boasting 5100 lumens of stupendous power and a reach of over half a mile deserves a nickname!! It’s as if you were blasting sunlight out of your flashlight. Behold – The Star Cannon.

In addition to its impressive light output, the Star Cannon (TK75) features an impact resistant and waterproof design. The cave contains numerous waterfalls and there’s plenty of mud to get anything and everything dirty. To help prevent drops, the light comes with a great shoulder strap, and it really comes in handy when you need to be hands-free during rappels. In addition, there is a lock-out feature that helps prevent the light from turning on while inside a pack, which is a huge battery saver!

One of the unforeseen benefits of the light is that it provides so much light that we are able to get great pictures inside the cave. Since it is completely devoid of light, the passages, pits, rooms, and halls are so massive that only the brightest lights can adequately show their full magnitude.

In my opinion, light sources are the most important item while caving. A dependable light can mean the difference between life and death, and when it comes to safety we don’t mess around. We exclusively use Fenix lights on all our caving expeditions, whether it be flashlight or headlight. Fenix’s unrivaled quality, dependability, and light output is precisely what we need!


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