TK72R – Versatile Little Tank!

First few trips I used the TK72R was just for camping and it was a great addition to have. The floody beam really helps illuminate a large wide area, especially helpful when setting up camp at night.

It really shined, haha, in a canyoneering trip however. This was a trip that needed to start well before sunrise and while the sky had some star light, the deep slot canyon was DARK. My team all had headlamps but especially on tricky down-climbs.  It really helped illuminate a large area beyond what was in front of them. A couple times I would prop it a distance ahead and help with people coming down. It was great.

Once daylight was upon us, I stored it away. Later in the day it came in handy when someone had forgotten their extra battery for their sport camera. Pulled out my trusty little tank and used it to charge the camera up. In the time we took for our lunch, it had enough charge for them to use it the rest of the canyon. It is reassuring that you have a hefty power bank with you.

The screen that tells you percentage and time left is incredibly valuable, specially when you’re using it in different settings throughout or charging other items. This, along with its massive brightness and double personality for a power bank, definitely makes up for the fact that it’s heavy. I found it surprisingly small. It’s bulky and heavy, but for its power output I expected something larger so it doesn’t take too much real estate from my pack. Feels very sturdy on the hand and have no doubts I will haul it with me a lot more often now.

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