TK72R – A workhorse light, around the house or in the woods.

Ok, we’ll start with the one flaw. This thing gets hot, really hot. At the full 9000 lumens the heat sink on the light reached 158 degrees F within 5 minutes. While this can be an issue, the built in thermal protection does a pretty good job dropping the brightness down when it gets too hot. The light will step down from 9000 lumens to 2500 lumens until it is cool again.

So what’s good about the light? Everything else. The TK72R is an absolute monster when you need to light up the entire campsite, basement or the cul-de-sac. The beam pattern is all flood, which is great when you want to see all around you, but it doesn’t feel like what you would think 9000 lumens is. I use it as a work light, a shop light, or an anything-else-I-need-light-for light. The flat bottom and squared off edges keep it from rolling around and generally able to stay pointing at what i’m working on. In the rare cases when I can’t point the light at the work area, I just crank up the lumens and bounce light to where I am working.

In all honestly the 9000 lumens ratings is just a perk, I find myself using this around the 5000 lumen setting because there are few tasks that need more than 5000 lumens, and this greatly prolongs how long the battery lasts as well as how long the light will run before going into thermal protection.

I’ll just say, I love the digital screen. Being able to dial in my exact lumen preference, from 100 to 9000, in increments of 100, is so satisfying, and is a nice step up from the typical Fenix levels of low, medium, high and turbo.

The USB charging works well and the USB out port is a nice touch, however it is not going to break any speed records for charging a phone. My iPhone 8 Plus shows the slow charge icon when plugged into the light, but in a pinch it’s nice to have.

Overall, this is a great light for around camp or around the house. While it has very little throw, the nice flood beam is exactly why it is so useful. It has more lumens than you’ll ever need, which is good, because at 9000 lumens it gets too hot too fast.

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