Fenix TK47UE Review – Hurricane Tested by Ambassador Trey K.

When Hurricane Harvey started working it’s way in I was scheduled on shift at my VFD with which, I have been a firefighter for 6 years, to man a high water rescue vehicle. One of the items I packed was my TK47UE with a fresh charge on two LRB-L18-3500U batteries in it.

About 10pm is when the flooding started causing rescue calls to come in. As we loaded up to go out, I made sure I had my light with me and planned to use it as a handheld scene light for rescues or to make up for the lack of lighting in areas without power. We went about 8 hours before sun up and never returned to the station. At several points the light fell out of my bunker pants pocket at least 4 feet climbing in and out of trucks. Of course, my luck, it had the concrete to soften the fall. This thing just kept going. For 8 hours the light was either wet, being rained on, or submerged in water in the bottom of the rescue boat. It kept going, and with off and on use the batteries lasted until the sun came up. I was able to continue using it the next night as needed without having to charge the batteries.

I own 7 different Fenix products and am specifically thankful for the reliability and dependability of this light. It made my job easier and allowed me and my crew to assist countless people with an added level of safety and efficiency. Thank you Fenix for what you do and keep up the good work!

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