TK35UE – A Lot of Light in Small Package

TK35UE – A Lot of Light in Small Package

Ambassador Jonathan K.

I purchased the TK35UE to supplement the HL60R headlight while on vertical caving expeditions. My favorite cave is Ellison’s Cave due to its massive pits and enormous passages, halls, and rooms. I needed a light that would illuminate these large areas when exploring underground.

The TK35UE boasts 3200 lumens of light output of in a very comfortable-to-carry, compact size. Its a great balance between light output and lightweight design. It shines very far, rated at nearly 1000 ft. The beam pattern is a nice combination of a spot and flood light pattern. The spot/flood patterns are evenly balanced to avoid an excessively bright spot in the middle. It has a lock out function which is very nice to prevent the light from turning on when not being used. It also came with a holster that I attached to my climbing harness so it’s safely stowed away when not in use.

It is very impact resistant, waterproof and durable. I’ve used the light in soaking environments when rappelling near/in waterfalls, it’s been pressed into mud during tight squeezes, and smacked against rocks while maneuvering cave passages. This light will be with me on all my future caving expeditions!




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