TK26R for Law Enforcement uses

Got this light a couple of weeks ago specifically to test out for a law enforcement opinion.

I have always personally preferred to carry a light clipped in my front right pant pocket with the lanyard attached. That could be done with this but it would not be ideal since the light is bigger at one end. The fact that I prefer to carry mine that way means nothing though. Many other officers prefer to clip their lights to their exterior vest carriers or even in a pouch on their duty belt. You will see any combination of these 3 methods if you see any officers. It’s all just a matter of preference unless it is mandated by policy one way or the other.

The white light on this is extremely bright in Turbo mode and will light up something at the other end of virtually any parking lot on the planet. The beam is nice and tight as you will see in my attached photo. The Turbo mode will also run for an hour, not that anyone would need to run it for that length of time. Even if the light cycles to “High” due to the battery you would have more time than you’d know what to do with left on the battery charge.

The Red and Green modes, which are activated with the side switch near the head of the light, are really bright and put out a wide pattern as you will see in my pictures. These modes can be used at a traffic crash and even with the optional wand attachment that you can buy for $5. I’d recommend it and obviously it could be used even with the White and it wouldn’t need to be on Turbo to be effective.

I actually let a fellow officer at another department borrow and use the light for a week to get his feelings on the light. I can’t type verbatim what he texted me mid way through last week but let’s just say he absolutely loved it (his words) and even pointed out how much he liked the Red and Green options available to him because he actually used the colors at a crash.


Now about some of the details of the light. I am always a fan of the tailswitch. Love it. I also really like how Fenix has integrated the useful battery meter into the side switch. It’s nice that this light comes with a clip and a pouch so you can carry it how you please without having to purchase additional items. I also like that the light can be charged without having to remove the battery or having to buy a charger. Literally everything someone would need comes in the box including Fenix’s best 18650 battery!

Battery life is as you’d expect. LONG. I used it for about a week and my friend used it for 5 nights in a row and only then did it need a charge. It still worked but not in Turbo or High. I suspect he played with the light quite a bit on his midnight shift that week.

The only thing I think Fenix could improve on with this light would be to make the side switch cycle include White instead of just back and forth between Red and Green. My friend said this was a non issue to him. Again, a personal preference thing. Either way, after using for a night or two and getting used to it I’m sure it would be a non issue.

So my opinion is this. If you’re in law enforcement and want a really powerful white light as well as useful red and green lights that can assist you with traffic and crowds that you wish to carry on your belt or clip on your external vest carrier, then grab this light. For the price there are a lot of features and one could argue 3 lights included for the price.

Let me also add that this light would be a good light for our friends the Firemen also to have onboard for directing traffic and their own use at fire and crash scenes. I definitely would not label this as just a light for law enforcement. I’d call it a very useful and powerful light for First Responders.

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