I always had a fascination with UV/Blacklights. When I saw Fenix had one I knew I had to get one. Owning 3 Fenix lights I knew the quality would be top notch.
The time came when I was heading to Moab, Utah. I Bought the TK25UV to hopefully see scorpions, but there were none. At first holding the flashlight felt awkward compared to my UC35.

So now it’s become one of my favorite flashlights and I own three Fenix’s. I love the feel, and the weight of the flashlight in my hands feels more natural than using the PD35 or UC35. I would say that all three flashlights I own are very similar in brightness but all I use is the Fenix TK25UV. The TK25UV is heavier then my other 2 flashlights but has a great weight to it.  One thing in my opinion is I wish it had a USB charging port.  The charger I bought (Fenix ARE-A4) is very large and awkward to take with you. But it works well and charges fast. The UV feature right now is a novelty, but I have fun lighting up fluorescent/Glow in the Dark items. It is good for finding small trash at campsites too. The UV light is powerful, I can see white shirts glow from 100 feet+ away.

The TK25UV is my go to flashlight that I use almost everyday. In California they are turning the power off due to fire risks and I don’t worry about having a light if power goes out. Fenix makes quality products that are backed by their great customer service.




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