TK22UE. Competition got nothing against!

Not everyone straps a light to a rifle and start knocking doors down. In the real world most of us use our flashlights as a reliable tool of our trade. In my case I perform critical mission equipment inspections and I am always in need of a clear throw where I can look at dark tight places, with the flexibility of being able to read labels and glance over my thermal equipment.

After my TK20 suddenly abandoned me, I started looking for a worthy replacement. I am a big Fenix fan although I am always looking at flashlights of all types and prices. A competitor had something similar to what I was looking for, I did my research (aka watching lots of YouTube videos) and purchased it, I was happy with it but it did not fully meet my expectations. Then I got an email announcing the TK22UE and to me it looked like a great alternative to my long gone TK20.

I was up for a treat, as this torch is very flexible. The option to use different batteries, the 21700 or 18650 while the competition only uses a proprietary one that heavens know how much is going to cost to replace, plus the 5 modes got me hooked making it very versatile for so many applications besides my inspection duties. It is very comfortable to be carried in my pocket and the throw is very white and consistent. I took some pictures vs the competition (allegedly 2,250 lumens) and the difference in throw and power is barely noticeable. The finish is outstanding and it takes a long time to become uncomfortably hot.

Obviously there is room for improvement, there’s is not a charge indicator like my LD30, the light can not stand up on its tail and the holster, but that’s not the reason why you buy a Fenix to begin with.

Rest assured that you can’t go wrong with this light; flexibility, finish, at a reasonable cost, only risk is it may abandon you if you are not careful with it!

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