The TK26: Versatile durability

The TK26: Versatile durability

Work/Professional Ambassador, Ian W.

This was my first light from the TK line, and it did not disappoint! There were several features that made an impression on me. From the construction/durability, to the versatility of the light modes and the beam throw, I could see this being a must-have for anybody in law enforcement or military.

First off, the body is noticeably more durable than most lights in the other Fenix series. It compares to the width of some of the lights with the 21700 battery even though it only utilizes the 18650, and it FEELS like it can handle being used as a secondary weapon or window break.

The 4 white light modes are perfect, in my opinion. Not too many options, easy to quickly cycle through with the secondary tail switch, and still impressively bright for the 18650 battery at the max of 1500 lumens! And if that’s not enough, the red and green lights are a nice addition. At 200 lumens each, they are hard to miss, even at a distance.

The beam throw is also worth noting. It’s puts out a pretty precise spotlight, even at a fair distance. I compared it with my PD36R in a dark warehouse at about 70ft and the TK26R beam was MUCH tighter and more defined. Thanks again, Fenix! Another great torch to add to my collection!

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