The perfect keychain light does exist!

The perfect keychain light does exist!

Ambassador Ian W.

Ok…. this light is small, REALLY small. I could put it inside a tic tac box and still have room to spare! The C-type charger is super convenient, and allows for a pretty fast charge. But the 260 lumens that this bad boy kicks out is the real show stopper!

It’s not just small either, the body is is just as solid as any other light from the Fenix brand. It’s taken the punishment on my waistband from my keys as I walk (and I’m a mover!), bumping into and squeezing past objects, and dropping on the ground from my waist level or my truck seat and it still has unflinching operation.

So put your phones away… the E03R has a lot of light for such a small package, and more than enough for whatever situation you might need it for. The lock function is also greatly appreciated to avoid those pesky accidental turn ons that can drain your battery life and leave you high and battery-dry at the worst times! Never be without a light anymore, throw the E03R on your keychain and have a little peace of mind!

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