The Perfect Headlamp in ANY Climate!

This headlamp was the first product I purchased from Fenix and after almost two years of near-daily use, it works just as well. It is comfortable to wear with an even weight distribution on your head – the battery pack doesn’t outweigh the light at the front. It conveniently takes commonly available AA batteries and after much use it still provides excellent battery life. The battery pack seals excellently and securely. The supportive top/center strap also aids in weight distribution, though I wish there was rubber gripping to improve the security of it. Possibly my favorite aspect of this headlamp is that you can bump the brightness without having to reset the level you’re already at. You just press the button and go. Additionally, when you turn the light off and back on, it starts up at the same setting you last were using, increasing timeliness when searching for wildlife. Even in the hot Arizona desert, I still don’t struggle with the light overheating with extended periods of use. I’ve used it in the cool Appalachians, the hot desert, dropped it in the swamp countless times, and retrieved it after falling 40 feet down a talus slope with no effect to it’s functioning. This headlamp is the perfect combination of durable, comfortable, and convenient.



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