The LR35R…Sunlight in your hand!

The LR35R…Sunlight in your hand!

Ambassador Enrique P.

10,000 lumens on Turbo! Wow! I usually run this guy at high, which is level 4 out of 5 modes but when you need that quick mode to see what goes bump in the night you can light it up. Super compact size for the power it puts out. 2X 21700 Batteries. I charge this light about once a week. Battery life is excellent.

User interface: some say they prefer a tactical tail switch. I personally don’t need one on this light as I have one on my PD36R. The button is slightly recessed and believe it or not I pocket carry this light and have not had any accidental power on situation while in my pocket. I was using my PD36R for everything, which I still use as well, but this light is AWESOME. The strobe feature is great for warding off any stray animals or for self defense when you work at night this thing will disorient whatever you shine it at.

I am super happy with my purchase and as an ambassador this gave me a great opportunity to put this light through its paces and it has not let me down.

One note is that you cannot run turbo for too long because those 6 Lumimous SST-40’s get super hot, so the medium or high setting works good for walking a long distance, but if you need that burst of light just unleash the turbo. I usually wear leather gloves and the button is great and easy to operate with gloves as well.

USB-C charging is a good move by Fenix because this light charges fast, although I never charge it that often.

This light is like have daylight in your hand with the press of a switch. Really happy with this light and really happy with the form factor.

It has everything I need and nothing I don’t. Its perfect! This is a Fenix tried and true design. Ergonomics on this light are great, no hot spots and plenty of purchase for even large hands. The pocket clip does not interfere when holding this light.

Do yourself a favor and try this light out.

Again Thank you Fenix for producing high quality products that you can use everyday!

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