The Little Light That Could – E03R

The Little Light That Could – E03R

Ambassador Trey K.

Fenix recently came out with this little keychain light and said it would put out a max of 260 lumens. I remember when the first LED flashlights only put out about 100 lumens. So, how in the world of technology, could a keychain light put out 260? And do it in a little bitty light. My first thought is that it is bigger than it looks, but after talking to Fenix directly about it, they assured me it was tiny. So, I bought one! To be fair, I own quite a few Fenix lights and with my experience in using their other products, I just really trusted that this light was up to par with everything else they produce.

It did not disappoint! I received the package in a very timely manner as always and opened it up. To my surprise the light was tiny. No bigger than a couple quarters laying side by side. There was nothing tiny about the light that it put out though. I am completely in awe of what this little bitty flashlight will do. I have been carrying this light everyday since I got it and I’ve used it in the attic, dark training rooms to get my bearings, fire sprinkler riser rooms that are dark even with the weak lighting in them and it absolutely does more work than the size shows. Did I mention it is rechargeable? It is! I can’t stop liking this light and can’t stop using it. For the price it is a perfect everyday carry light that you will not even know is there. I really hope after reading this you give this Little Light That Can a chance. You won’t regret it! PERFECT stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays!

Check out the video below to see how well it works!  It stayed down there for a good 30 minutes.

E03 Underwater

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