The HT18 – Compact Size but Powerful Output

The HT18 – Compact Size but Powerful Output

Ambassador Christian L.

This light was purchased to spot animals at night. The terrain around is mostly hills, so being able to see a ways out while on a ridge is very useful. The light can be easily mounted on anything; belt, backpack, vehicle, you name it. The beam this thing puts out is clean and goes far. For the size of light, I was really surprised to see it perform. The outer beam has a nice sharp edge and lights up what’s immediately in front of you nicely.

This sort of dual beam allows you a clear view of closer objects but you can focus on distant items at the same time. The duration it can keep at a higher output is great. I opted to get a second battery and have it on hand. Chances are is that you’ll only need one, but the peace of mind of a second battery is great.

The tactical switch is very responsive and tactile. The switch itself has a great audible click when turning on and off. Another great use this light will have is canyoneering at night. While a headlamp will suffice most of the time, it will be handy to have a larger spotlight on hand. What’s great is that I don’t mind carrying it even if unused due to the size and weight of it.

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