The HL60R Headlamp – A Muddy Buddy

The HL60R HeadlAMP – A Muddy Buddy

Ambassador Jonathan K.

I use Fenix’s HL60R as my primary headlamp on vertical caving expeditions. This is a light that literally takes me places!! It’s quality, dependability, and light output allow me to confidently venture over 1,000 feet underground and then walk/climb/squeeze through miles of passages – all the while knowing it will light the way out. I carry spare batteries since the trips last 20+ hours and a spare Fenix headlamp; however, I shouldn’t need it unless I drop the HL60R down a 600′ pit.

The HL60R has a max light output of 950 lumens and has great runtime for its medium mode of 150 lumens. 150 lumens is enough to see my way around in the dark, and the high and turbo modes are nice to light up large open areas. It fits very well on my helmet and my head, and even has nice red light mode. The impact resistant and waterproof design are great! It’s been in extreme conditions and never failed. It’s been on my head while rappelling/climbing in waterfalls inside caves, drug through the mud, smashed on the roof of passages, and much more. It is a great Fenix light and does not disappoint!

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