The Fenix PD36R is out of this world.

They say this light is a “game changer” in every review and yea yea it’s super-duper bright but I feel like the strobe feature on this light is extremely downplayed. Bear with me. You’re alone in the woods, maybe your buddies left you to die? Some friends you’ve got there by the way. I digress. You’re alone. You’ve shined your 1600 lumen beacon of a light and next thing you know you see a fire in the sky. Yea that’s right. You’ve summoned freakin Aliens. I mean it’s no surprise is it, you’ve shined this intense beam over 900 feet into the night sky making yourself somewhat of an intergalactic target…way to go!

Think quick! Hit that strobe and drop a funky beat because you’re dance skills may very well keep you probe free. Congratulate yourself, you’re putting the “cool” in tactical with your quick thinking and sweet moves. As you gyrate to the beat in sequence to the strobe feature and the flying saucers landing lights, you catch the eye of the space captain. He or she, not sure of their gender identity in other solar systems, sees your sweet moves and initially is reluctant to approach. But one of the downfalls of this super bright game changing light is that it gets fairly hot after continued use. It’s a 1600 lumen light, you didn’t expect it to get warm? Duh! The mixture of your sweaty hands and the tropical heat produced by the ARB-L21-5000 mAh rechargeable battery on full power makes you drop the light.

The trance is broken. They see you. The real you. The nervous, lost in the woods, lonely you. Uh oh. As the genderless gray alien beings approach you from all sides you quickly grab the extremely durable light off the ground, thanks to its solid construction and its ability to withstand a drop of at least 1.5 meters unharmed you do a quick heel ball shuffle and spin Michael Jackson style. As you’re spinning you engage the tactical back button and shine each of their black orb-like eyes with the power of an angry sun…they’re blind now.

You scramble over the fumbling and stumbling blinded aliens and you commandeer their space craft. You’re lucky. It’s controlled by your thoughts. You close the hatch and leave the Aliens to be collected by the Air Force. You leave the atmosphere. You’re a space man now thanks to your Fenix PD36R’s trusty strobe light, durability and game changing brightness. Bye Felicia… you’ve evaded probing and now you’re on an adventure of a lifetime. So long earth, the Fenix PD36R is truly out of this world.



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