The Fenix E20 – An Everyday Hero

I have been looking for a light to carry with me for years. A daily carry light needs to be small enough to be comfortable, rugged enough to withstand daily bumps and bruises, bright enough to handle the majority of your tasks and, it must have a common enough fuel source to be able to refreshed anywhere. I tried lights from all over and had many of them fail my needs on one ground or another. I finally purchased an E20 almost 2 years ago and it was perfect. I paired it with rechargeable AA batteries which really helped set the light apart. Now, I can use the light as I need it, recharge it once a month and keep it always ready without breaking the bank, but, if I’m traveling or in a remote area, I can always find AA batteries and bring my light back online should I need to.

E20 Fenix Flashlight Mid Size

This light travels in my bag with the rest of my work goodies and is perfect for my daily needs. That being said, there are times when I prefer a smaller, more pocket sized light (going to the movies, etc) and then I have my E12, or there are times when I’m in the back woods and like to be able to throw serious light in which case I take my PD35.

No one tool can do every job, the purpose of a daily carry tool is to preform the majority of what you need when you need it. Some situations call for more specialized equipment, which is why Fenix makes such a wide array of products with varied specialties. Whatever you are looking for, Fenix has a rock-solid light to match your need.

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