The Fenix CL30R Saves Taco Night!

I love tacos. Let me just get that right out in the open. So imagine my disappointment (or my happiness) when the power goes out, and I haven’t eaten my taco. Enter the Fenix CL30R lantern, and the loved HP11 headlamp. We should probably also give honorable mention to the Blackstone propane griddle.

Yes the power went out, the tree had fallen somewhere down the road and I hadn’t eaten my dinner. We fire up the Fenix CL30R, throw on some headlamps (Fenix HP11’s to be specific) and continue to cook dinner. The CL30R is great. It throws a wall of light around the entire room even on low. The runtime is insane, to be honest I stopped running it on low power because it never seem to run out of power. And it can even charge my cell phone, if for some reason I forgot to charge it.

It has a simple operation; hold to turn on, and press to change light levels, and hold to turn off. It has a battery life indicator. With the light off simply press the button and it will light up a corresponding number of LEDs on top of the lantern. It can be hung from a hook, placed on a desk, even screwed into a tripod. The light even has micro USB charging, can be charged from a phone charger, can even be charged from a portable battery pack.
This is a great light to have in a power outage, especially when you need to light entire room for a serious amount of hours. The simple operation allows even novices to use the light efficiently and effectively. Another winner from Fenix and for taco lovers everywhere!

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