Fishing Ambassador Josh R.

Having this light in my life for 20 days now I can honestly say WOW! I didn’t completely know what to expect getting a 10,000-lumen light, but during the unboxing I was completely amazed with how much power was clearly packed into such a compact light. The weight of the light caught me off guard, over the years I have carried multiple brands of lights, but they always seemed extremely bulky and hard to keep in hand for any period. This light fits perfect in hand, its not overly bulky and the carrying pouch that comes with it is easily usable. I currently keep this light on my to go bag at all points in time and it fits my everyday life style perfectly.

When it comes to the light itself, the metal body makes you know that you have a sturdy product in hand so soon as you pull it out of the box. When turning on the light for the first time I was dumbfounded with how bright it was. I was sitting at my kitchen table, with the windows open during the middle of the day, and at 10,000 lumen this made my room brighter. Knowing that this was as powerful as it was, I knew I had to take the time to try it out at night. So, on a recent coyote hunt I brought this along as our tracking light. When we used this for tracking in a pitch-black field around midnight, I found that this light literally makes the night turn day.

Overall, from a quality, durability, and over all great light stand point this is bar none a light that I am glad I added to my collection. Being able to see the quality of this thing has truly made me a believer in these lights. Not all things are created equal, and this light is proof of it.

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