Review of the Fenix LD42

If you want a flashlight that operates on AA batteries AND has good run times, this is the one! It runs on 4 of the AAs. The battery case is large enough to accept Eneloop Pro batteries, if that is your preference.
The spacing of the different levels of light from the flashlight make it very flexible. I personally really like the flashlight’s switching mechanism. It is easy to operate and it is well located. Before I received the light, I was concerned that the ring used to adjust it, might be too loose. That was NOT the case. Also, the ring made it easy to obtain the level you want.
It should be noted that the LD42 has a beam that is quite spotlight oriented. However, there is some spill. Not a large amount. I did not have a problem using it as a “normal” flashlight.
As others have noted, the battery case is not metal. However, I do not have a problem with that. It makes the flashlight very comfortable to carry and improves the balance of the light. The case seem to be strong and well built. When storing the light, simply unscrew the case a half turn.

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