Review of the Fenix HT18 Flashlight

The intended purpose of the HT18 is to be a long distance hunting flashlight. That being said, it is not surprising that the two lower light levels of the flashlight, have very little “spill light”. The two higher levels do have enough spill to be quite helpful.

Living in a city, during the winter, made it difficult for me to fully test the flashlight. However, I was able to test it where there were some very tall power lines that cut a large pathway through the city. I could easily see the light shining on a power pole that was about 400 meters out from me, even with all the city’s light pollution. At about 250 to 300 meters I could see all the details on the next power pole closer and it was fully “lit up”.

I can’t wait to take the light into the woods and shine it across a mountain valley, where it is almost completely dark. I am sure it will be most impressive, as this flashlight has the tightest beam of any of my many flashlights. It is quite compact, considering its capabilities.

Another thing I appreciate about this light is its use of the large capacity 21700 battery. It makes it that much more useful overall.

If you want a flashlight that has a very tight beam pattern and is a real thrower, and is compact, this is the flashlight for you!

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