PD40R V2.0 – Nice, but not perfect.

PD40R V2.0 – Nice, but not perfect.

Outdoor Ambassador Rob E.

The PD40R v2.0 is a nice, but not perfect light. The switch mechanism that makes it so unique is also the thing that holds it back.

Oddly, the switch is somehow harder to locate in the dark than even the frustratingly smooth buttons on some of Fenix’s other lights. Additionally it is difficult to operate one handed, or to get the mode you want. I found myself overshooting the mode I wanted (high) and getting strobe instead. Most of this could be fixed with some adhesive grip pads, I hope Fenix puts some more aggressive texturing on the switch ring in future iterations.

Moving past the switch, the build quality is excellent and the light feels very solid. The ability to tail stand the light comes in handy often and the USB-C charging is a huge bonus.

Light output is great with a solid blend of throw and flood. I will say that on the 3000 lumen Turbo setting it doesn’t seem that much brighter than some of my other Fenix lights that are roughly the same form factor and significantly less lumens (1000 lumen and 1600 lumen.)

Overall I still like the light, and I’m sure that it will fit a specific need that some people have. For me, something like the TK22 V2.0 is the better light with its traditional tail switch.

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