PD36R Saves the Day (I mean, Night)

PD36R Saves the Day (I mean, Night)

Ambassador Steve F.

Fenix is the only brand of flashlight that I use. I use a lot of different sizes for different needs. From EDC to my car bag. In the case of the PD36R, I use this in my car bag that is with me wherever I go. In my opinion it is too big for pocket carry. I have other smaller lights for that purpose. I use this light when I need some big power. So, even though it is not my most used Fenix light, it has an important spot in my gear set up.

I am on our local mountain rescue team (Timpanogos Emergency Response Team) Our team camps on the mountain at 10,000’ every weekend in the summer. We are on patrol because a lot of people hike Timpanogos Mountain in the middle of the night so they can be at the summit at sunrise. A lot of people get lost or injured while hiking in the dark. If dispatch calls us in the middle of the night, we need to be prepared to go find someone in the dark. Two Fenix flashlights that are always with me are the E11 (pocket carry) & the PD36R (backpack carry).

While on duty with our rescue team, we had a tent that got blown off a ledge from our camp. The drop was about 200’. I took out my trusty PD36R and was able to locate it easily.

The battery level indicator is such an important feature to me, that I will never buy a flashlight without that feature. The battery indicator takes the guesswork out of trying to remember when I charged my batteries last. And it gives me the peace of mind that I have plenty of power left.

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