PD36R Review

I own an E30R and PD35-TAC from Fenix, and decided to try out the PD36R. I must say, it is noticeably brighter than the PD35-TAC. I also like the beam spread on this one much better. The light seems to reach much further with the center beam, but the spread is also plenty to see your surroundings. The E30R has a much more evenly spread, wider beam, but will not reach out as far as this PD36R.

This flashlight is also packed with great features. The USB-C charging is extremely nice to have, since you no longer need an external battery charger. The button is much easier to find than previous models, and also shows the battery life. I’m not sure how they did it, but this light is brighter and lasts longer than their older similar models. I highly recommend this for tactical or outdoor use.

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