PD36R is Awesome!

I purchased the PD36R for my on duty flashlight. I carried a PD35 for a couple of years and loved it.  I knew with the upgrades the PD36R was going to be awesome.

I got the PD36R and the first thing I liked was the clip. I am able to clip it to the visor of my hat, the side of my helmet, or the epaulet of my uniform shirt. This really helps me in situations were I need to use both hands to take care of someone.

The light itself is what I consider lightweight for its size, and easy to carry in my pocket. It’s very well made and very sturdy, which is what I need in my job. The brightness is great, I am able to use it for everything, from lighting up a crash scene, to lowering the brightness and using it to check the pupil response of a patient. Charging is very easy via the USB cord.

I have used my PD36R for search and rescue calls, directing traffic, lighting up a crash scene down in a wooded creek bed, and inside of dimly lit houses and apartments. I have also used it as a weapons light in my AR15. I have no regrets about my purchase.

I have always used Fenix products and I am very well satisfied with my purchase. I highly recommend purchasing a PD36R as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed.

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