PD36R honest review

When flashlights with 1000 lumens were the norm on the market and they were a dime a dozen I got one (or more) from various brands but with each one I had similar thoughts “huh… I thought it would be brighter, Well it’s brighter than my Maglite” but nothing I had really satisfied my expectations of “1000” lumens. Having said that, The PD36R is as bright as I expected! And it delivers in a big way. I love the beam pattern; due to my profession I want a wide pattern that puts light everywhere. The distance is not to bad but I don’t use it as a spot light. I like carrying a light for a while before reviewing it, let alone suggesting it to people and I can say unless you carry a general purpose flashlight with over 2000 lumens this light will not disappoint. When my coworkers and I compare lights they will usually laugh at their light and ask a bunch of questions about the PD36R. My favorite features are 1. Quality – I have carried a Fenix light for over 6 years and this matches the high quality 2. Bright. 3 USB-C rechargeable – with the proper charger you can charge from dead to 50% in about 1 hour.

I couldn’t recommend this light more!  Fenix has set a new benchmark with this one.

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