PD36R – A bigger brother to the PD32

The PD36R is one of Fenix’s newer lights, and like many brands in the past, they’ve decided to go bigger, brighter, and more capable than ever with the high-capacity battery that requires a high-capacity light.

Comparing this against my trusty PD32 which I have EDC’ed for several years, it is longer, wider, and WAY BRIGHTER. It is shorter than the UC35 which features in-unit recharging similar to the PD36R.

The good:
This light is BRIGHT. Like, WAY bright. It lights up the outdoors for at least 75 yards, making setting up IDPA stages in the dark a breeze.
The battery capacity. I’m not actually sure how long the battery lasts… but it’s longer than I use the light for in a month. I recharge this thing on a schedule, not because it dies.

The bad:
I feel that this light is just too big for EDC. It doesn’t fit in my hip pockets, and doesn’t clip comfortably to a belt. It stretches my front pockets just a bit more than I’d like, as well.
Remember that part where the light is BRIGHT? Well, even on the lowest setting, this thing is too bright for quick tasks like getting to the bathroom at night, or checking out what your dog is chewing on when you roll out of bed. The many illumination modes are good if you need light for a longer period of time, but just don’t cut it for quick work.
You know that massive 5000 mAh battery? Well, it doesn’t fit my chargers that I use for all of my other light batteries. This wouldn’t be so bad if the built-in charger didn’t get this light so hot that it is painful to touch after plugging in.

All in all, this light is a great utility lamp, and now lives in my truck. If you need a compact EDC or something you can use for a quick sprint out of bed for a snack, then I’d look for something a little smaller and less capable.

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