I’ve been a Fenix fan for over 8 years now. They have always had superior products that hold up for as long as I have them. My most recent purchase was the PD36R and if does not disappoint.
After purchasing the rechargeable headlamp, I knew that was the best option for me. I just recently started a new job that is actually described as “nomadic”. I maintain helicopters that fight wild fires all over the world. I travel from California to Australia chasing the wild fires.
The recharging feature allows me to always be ready. With a little planning on my part and a portable battery, my lights are always ready to go.
That is just the newest feature. It of course still has everything you would expect from Fenix. The small compact light is easy to carry and doesn’t get in the way. I still only use mine on the second setting because it is so bright it will blind me. The battery life is impressive as well. Since I only use it on the second of five settings it will actually last me over a week.
The new light is my favorite new tool in my box. And although they last forever, I can’t wait to get my next toy from Fenix.

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