PD35 TAC light

Right from the start, this light feels heavy duty. As I unbox the light, the weight is hefty enough to show quality and feel good in the hand, but not so heavy as to weigh down my pocket. The knurled grip on the sides is just slightly recessed, and allows a solid grip, without tearing up your hands or pockets. The tail switch feels strong and well guarded by the lanyard loops on either side with what feels like thick rubber material covering the switch. The switch on the side is well guarded, and has a very positive stop.

Inserting batteries and playing with the light a bit brings surprising satisfaction. This thing is BRIGHT! There is good throw length, and lots of light coming from a small package, I did find the side switch (which controls brightness, strobe, etc) a bit hard to feel, and therefore find in the dark, but with a little practice this isn’t a problem.

I have been carrying this light for a few months now, every day, in every kind of environment.
I have dropped it countless times, landing in the water more than once. While the finish shows some wear here and there,, this light performs like the day I bought it. Where many other brands have failed (and some failed miserably much sooner), this light continues to shine. I highly recommend this light.

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