Only Brand I Will Buy

I originally bought a Fenix LD25 about 4 years ago. This was a huge improvement over what I had before. I used this light for hundreds of hours walking the dog at night and for carry. The LD25 is still by the bedside every night.

About 3 years ago, I bought the original PD35. I used this for walks too, but it I got it since it was smaller and could be carried more easily. It also now has hundreds of hours of use and is by my recliner at night or in my pocket when out.
About a year ago, I bought my brother a UC35. He still carries it when he works at night.

None of these lights have ever had a failure or problem. They all still work just like new, although they have a little wear.
I have had one other brand that someone bought me for much more money and it didn’t stand up. The slide switch would allow the battery to leak down until dead. This was a headlight.

I will never buy any other brand. I hope to get a smaller light for EDC, probably by next fall. It will be a Fenix and I know it will be great.

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